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Get creative!

Yes, Mindmirror is unique. But still, you can make it even more YOU! How? Especially for the do-it-yourself-creatives out there, we’ve collected some DIY tips on how to personalise your Mindmirror. Time to get creative!

A mirror is nothing more than a glass plate, coated with a layer of mirror lacquer. As we laser cut the lacquer from the mirror with high-precision machinery, the design becomes visible as clear, see-through glass. After we laser cut the design into the back of the mirror, we hand-paint it with Edding spray paint. Off the shelf, each Mindmirror’s design comes in its own hand-picked colour. But did you know you can also order many of our mirrors unpainted?

To order your Mindmirror without colour, simply select the ‘no colour’ option on the product page. If you choose to colour your mirror yourself, you now have two options: Colour your design once and enjoy your choice forever… or keep things open and change your Mindmirror’s colour whenever you like.

Know exactly what colour you want your Mindmirror to be? Make it permanent!

Colour your mirror with acrylic spray paint

For those who like to keep things simple and in one colour, we advice to use spray paint. Spray your mirror with water-based acrylic spray paint. Go to your nearest DIY store and pick your favourite RAL colour. The choices are endless. Now take your mirror, put something underneath so you don’t stain your table or floor, and turn your mirror on its back. Try spraying on a piece of paper first. Got the hang of it? Now colour your mirror. With the right amount of pressure on the spray can’s cap, nothing can go wrong.

Make it multi-coloured with acrylic markers

Are you more the colourful type? Want to use multiple colours for your design? Then we advice to use acrylic markers. Have a look in the accessories section of our shop to find our special edition Edding Rainbow marker set, or go get your favourite colours online or in store. At first sight, the design may seem a bit transparent don’t worry though… once you frame it or hang it, this will not be the case any more.

Stay tuned to our blog to find more info on this process as we will showcase our Proud & Humble colouring ideas.

Change your Mindmirror with your mood! Here’s two final colouring tips

A non-permanent way to colour your mirror; go paper!

Things change. And so do your mood and taste. Right? The first non-permanent option to colour your Mindmirror’s design is plain and simple. Get yourself a piece of paper in your favourite colour and cut it into your mirror’s size. Open your mirror’s frame from the back and lay your self-cut paper onto the mirror. Close the frame again, turn it around and… Voila! Your self-coloured design is already done.

As the frame’s back pushes the paper against the mirror a cool little extra appears. You now have a tiny shadow inside your mirror’s design that gives it that extra little 3D effect. Well done!

Get full-on creative. Go with art!

The final tip we have for you might just be the most unique of all options. How about adding your favourite artwork, pattern, drawing or photo to your Mindmirror? Here’s how…

Grab a magazine and cut out your favourite pages, or take a picture or poster and print it. Put your image into your Mindmirror’s frame or tape it on the backside of your Mirror. Have a look at what happens.. ain’t that cool!?

Are you an artist yourself? Use one of your own drawings or paintings to spice up your Mindmirror. Send us a picture if you like.

As you see, there’s lots to play around with.
Now go make your Mindmirror truly unique 😉



My own colour?!
I want my own design!

So you want to go further than just colouring your Mindmirror? Check out our customisable Mindmirror. What motivates or inspires you? What do you love? Tell us your favourite word or write your own poem. We’ll engrave it onto your one-of-a-kind Mindmirror.

Design your own mirror

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