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Meet our base collection. Clever wordplay art on a bold, yet simply beautiful mirror. Each Mindmirror carries its own message for you to reflect on and make your own. Some messages clear and bold, others fragile and delicate. Some unmistakable, others ambiguous and multi-interpretable.

Each Design is available on a 30x30cm and 50x50cm mirror, that comes with a high quality Nielsen frame or durable home-made wall mount.

Get ready to reflect!

‘All is love’.
Set of 2 mirrors.
Bold typography
with a timeless

If all is relative, could unconditional love even exist? As emotional creatures, we often seek for deeper meaning. We over-romanticize the good and relativize the bad. What if we wouldn’t? Guess we’d find that all simply is … love.

All is Love | from €159

‘Proud & Humble’.
Celebrate your
colours, with this
Mindmirror duo.

Life and love come in every shape, colour and form. What’s yours? Color your ‘Proud & Humble’ set of two Mindmirrors yourself. Go all blue, all pink or any colour in between! Show your colours proudly & remember… always stay humble

Proud & Humble | from €159

by laser

Mindmirror's unique designs are laser-engraved into the back of the mirror, with high-precision machinery.

with Edding

Each Mindmirror is hand-coloured. Prints are available in a hand-picked selection of Edding colours.

by Nielsen

Each Mindmirror comes in a high-quality Nielsen Alpha frame, available in three standard colours.

Also check out our limited edition Mindmirrors.

Every once in a while we’ll introduce a limited edition design, available in 10, 25 or 100 pieces only. Check back regularly for unique designs!

View Limited Editions

"Truly inspiring! ... The right complement for my office."

Joachim Ritzer, Head of Sales
Transformation DHL

"Love my Mindmirror. It is simply beautiful and makes me smile every day."

Mike Rüpping, Social worker


"Thankful for people like Stijn and his idea of that wants to inspire us to be more #mindful and to concentrate on what really matters.” "

Bettina WiedmanCEO of Experiment e.V
An der Elisabethkirche 6
53113 Bonn, Germany
Tel: +49 1609 508 4897
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