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Behind the scenes

Fancy a look behind the scenes of Mindmirror? Here it goes! Join us in the photo studio where we shot the collection and campaign images for our new collection

New product, new website, new photography. For our collection and campaign photography we hooked up with talented local photographer and friend Max Zindel. After arriving at the office, we packed our stuff and went on our way to the suitably called Oooom Room at THE9TH in Bonn ( This all white photo studio was the perfect setting for our clean and warm photography.

With a clear wish list written down, we sat with Max to talk things through. Shooting mirrors is always a challenge, because well… mirrors reflects. Not only did we have to find the perfect background for our images, we needed to make sure that neither us nor Max and his big camera appeared in the mirrors. With a bit of creativity, we figured out ways to use the reflections to our advantage. Looking from various angles, the mirrors added an extra dimension to the room, offering a second layer of space to show related products, different designs and material details.

As Max and Stijn were giving their 100%, we took some behind the scene shots. Sure, these images are not half as professional as the pictures Max took of the mirrors – after all, he is the pro in this field –, but the pictures should give you a small impression of the shooting day.


After we had our wish list checked off, it was time for some experimenting. Us opening our minds, and Max opening his shutter wide and long, we had some great fun with our ‘I Am A Soul’ Mindmirror. Check out this blurred portrait of Stijn and how it came to life.

At this point once again a big thank you to Max for the great result! We had great fun and Max, you did an awesome job on the pictures! What do you say?

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Interested to follow Max? Check out his instagram here


Check out the results of our photo shoot!

You’ll find Max’s photography all through our website. We’ve made our favourite selection and put it together in a Mindmirror mood page. Check out the link below!

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"Thankful for people like Stijn and his idea of that wants to inspire us to be more #mindful and to concentrate on what really matters.” "

Bettina WiedmanCEO of Experiment e.V
An der Elisabethkirche 6
53113 Bonn, Germany
Tel: +49 1609 508 4897
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