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Dear Magazine owner, Blog owner, Editor, Interior Design addict or Mindfulness master. Thank you for your interest in Mindmirror. Please find Mindmirror’s press resources below. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, suggestions or collaboration inquiries.

Press Release January 1st 2022.

NEW: This is Mindmirror
The Mirror with a Message

Meet Mindmirror. The all new piece of interior design, with a playfully serious twist. With straight-forward poetry and minimalistic, stylish wordplay art, Mindmirror offers food for thought to today’s conscious consumer.

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Including photography of all various mirror designs in different settings. Available both in High res print version (CMYK) and Low res web version (RGB).

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Including photography of all mirror designs in various colours. Available both in High res print version (CMYK) and Low res web version (RGB).

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Including all brand logos, logo icons, signatures & pay-off. Including partner logos. Each in unlimited size vector format (PDF).

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Think your readers will love Mindmirror?
Support us with a publication!

Looking for personalised content? Care to do an interview? Or ready to discuss a special offer for your readers? How about a limited edition Mindmirror with your logo on it for example? … Contact us any time! In the mean time, feel free to download any content on this page. Please let us know if and where you use it.

What’s there to tell?

Curious as you are, you probably have lots of questions. Feel free to contact us anytime. In the meantime, here’s some frequently asked questions, already answered.

What is Mindmirror?

Meet Mindmirror – the mirror with a message. A simple, timeless and brave new piece of interior design for the reflective mind and a conscious home. With a healthy dose of clever, positive poetry and bold, thought-provoking wordplay, Mindmirror challenges you to reflect, re-think and re-focus. ReMINDing you of the things that truly matter… while leaving a smile on your face.

Why Mindmirror? Why now?

Reflect, re-think, refocus? Really? What do I need that for?
Congratulations, you have made it to step one: always ask why!

We live in an age where time seems to be changing more rapidly than ever. We call it the Mess-Age!

Being online 24/7, with access to global news and nonsense at any time, every day we are exposed to countless messages that scream for our attention. Politicians, brands, lateral thinkers and other influencers; they all have free access to our minds.

Unconsciously, we are asked to make choices and form opinions all day long. But do we always make sensible choices? And are we actually open to form new opinions?

Mindmirror is here to bring some ease and to help you open up to a change of perspectives. That’s why we send you another kind of message. A friendly, subtle, personal message. One that doesn’t tell you what to do or think, but rather one that tells you… well, to just think. To reflect and use your common sense. To give it all some time. And to not take it all too serious.

It’s okay to not know. Life is full of ambiguities. So are you. Enjoy them, explore them, and be sure to keep your mind flexible and open while you’re at it.

Remember the old greeks. Life is but a mirror. Know your self and you’ll see clearly.
But hey, that’s just our perspective. Think of it what you please.

Our Mess-age

Each Mindmirror carries its own message for you to reflect on and make your own. Some messages clear and bold. Others fragile and delicate. Some unmistakable. Others ambiguous and multi-interpretable. Each message however is an invitation to reflection, and comes with a healthy dose of comforting positivity.

Mindmirror’s recurring topics are balance, opposites, contradictions, relativity, love, self, identity, values, norms and common sense. With these in mind, Mindmirror poses questions such as: “If all is relative, can unconditional love exist?”.

Coming with a Edding chalk marker, Mindmirror’s ‘Note to Self’ invites you to remind yourself of what it is you want to attract (MORE) and what it is you are willing to let go of (LESS).

Mindmirror’s DIY set ‘Proud & Humble’ challenges you to show your pride (PROUD), while staying modest (HUMBLE), as you color both words with the included ‘Rainbow’-assorted set of six Edding Acrylic Markers.

Give me the specs, please!

OK, you want the facts? Here we go!

Mindmirror is:
• a laser-engraved crystal mirror
• available in multiple sizes
• hand-coloured with Edding spray or DIY
• framed in a Nielsen Alpha frame
• available in three frame colours
• Dutch design by saf~
• 100% made in Germany

Who is behind Mindmirror?

MindMirror is an idea of artist & entrepreneur Stijn van der Pol ( Stijn is known for his ambiguous, mindful yet down to earth wordplay art. In his work we often find themes as opposites, balance and common sense.

Through the power of words, Stijn asks us to reflect on both everyday as well as contemporary topics, offering perspectives that are often right in front of us. Always with a twist.

Words play an important role in Stijn’s work and art. “Words have a enormous power. Words have a meaning. They symbolise something. They therefor seem objective. But words can carry multiple meanings. And their meaning can change overtime. They therefor have a subjective aspect as well. Words leave room for interpretation and change. They allow us to play. And this is where the magic happens. Playing with words, changing them and giving them new meaning, allows us to change our perspective on reality and sometimes even change it.”

By putting words on a mirror, Stijn creates an extra layer of perspective, both literally as well as figuratively. By putting you in the center of the artwork, the words you read and the message they convey immediately become personal. The line between the mind and the outside word come together.

After first using mirrors in his art in 2010, now, through mindmirror, a whole new series of mirrors will be available to a wider audience.

Our quality promise

Next to our awesome design, we promise premium quality products only. That is why we partnered up with fair, innovating brands who have eye for detail. Our frames are made by German based market leader Nielsen, and available in three stunning, basic colours matt black aluminum and natural or white oak furnished aluminum.
For colouring our Mirrors we work with Edding spray paint only.

Where to buy Mindmirror?

Mindmirror is now available online at and ships to Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Sweden and Denmark.

We are currently building a network of retailers. Expect Mindmirror to pup up around you in stores across Germany and Europe in general in 2022.

What can we offer you?

Think your readers will love Mindmirror? Support us with a publication! To make it 100% relevant for YOUR readers, Mindmirror offers you the following options:

Interview Stijn, our creative Mind, in a one-on-one Zoom call
Offer discount coupons to you readers
Offer your readers a unique Mindmirror, with your logo and branding!

Offer your readers a one of a kind Mindmirror!

We’d love you to publish about Mindmirror! Since we are new on the market and bootstrapping our way through, we haven’t got the resources to purchase expensive advertising yet. That is why we came up with the following idea. In exchange for an ad, Mindmirror can offer your readers a unique custom-made Mindmirror with a design created especially for your magazine. A great give-away for you to your readers, and a win-win-win for all.

Contact us for more info.

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"Truly inspiring! ... The right complement for my office."

Joachim Ritzer, Head of Sales
Transformation DHL

"Love my Mindmirror. It is simply beautiful and makes me smile every day."

Mike Rüpping, Social worker


"Thankful for people like Stijn and his idea of that wants to inspire us to be more #mindful and to concentrate on what really matters.” "

Bettina WiedmanCEO of Experiment e.V
An der Elisabethkirche 6
53113 Bonn, Germany
Tel: +49 1609 508 4897
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